Network Support

In the current digital age, there are very few businesses that aren’t heavily dependent on IT and data networks.  Only the brave would argue, therefore, that a properly designed and implemented computer network system will provide real benefits and productivity to any business.  

A perfectly fitted computer network will not only handle your company’s needs at the time it’s installed, an optimal layout will also lend itself to future network upgrades with minimal inconvenience.

There are many things to consider when establishing, or upgrading a network.  

Here, at Veritech, we have a number of areas we cover when developing a new network:

  • - Number of users and sites in the business
  • - Data security for users, managers, and external resources
  • - Data capacity requirements
  • - Mail Server, on-premise or hosted?
  • - Backup Strategy: Where should I keep my backup data?  How much history should I keep?
  • - Cloud solutions – desktop as a service, infrastructure, backup, etc
  • - UTMs and anti-virus, and other security considerations
  • - Is user education useful for teaching staff how to more “virus-aware”?
  • - Remote access and teleworking 
  • - Open source software and applications, general or industry-specific.
  • - Network switching and VLANs
  • - Power protection for servers and key infrastructure items
  • - Websites for marketing, and integration to systems
  • - Wide area networks, across the country or across buildings.
  • - Routing technologies and designs
  • - Wireless networks: Wifi and outdoor point to point

and the list goes on....

We like to think of networking as fine cuisine.  Not only do we survive from it, but we thrive on the creative process.  Just like dining in a fine restaurant, we hope our customers will enjoy the finished dish – presented in all its glory…. for their culinary enjoyment.   Our lab is our 'kitchen': where the planning, execution and delicate finishing touches occur.  We are pleased to still be in the 'kitchen' after all these years, expertly blending the ever-changing recipes and ingredients of computer networking to meet your needs.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about improving your IT efficiency.