Cyber Security

Practicing cyber security is essential, whether you are a home user or a company/organisation. 

There has been an increasing amount of cybercrime attacks and attempts in recent times.

Veritech would like to bring awareness to this issue as we are invested in keeping your systems secure. 

Cyber security tips & how to reduce your risk:

  • *Be aware of scams - Take caution when opening emails, especially when they are sent from an unknown source. Avoid opening attachments or clicking on links as this may give the attacker access to your information.
  • *Always check links before you click on them (i.e. The link destination).
  • *Use strong and unique passwords - Avoid using the same password for multiple log ins. 
  • *Implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - MFA is a security mechanism in which individuals are required to provide two or more authentication methods (i.e. A password & authentication code). This is one of the most effective tools used to prevent unauthorised access to systems and sites.
  • *Avoid accessing unsecure websites. Unsecure websites are usually flagged on your browser before you enter the site.
  • *Use trusted Wi-Fi.
  • *Install antivirus and email security on computers.
  • *Keep your software updated.
  • *Seek advice/assistance from your IT provider.

Red Flags:

  • *Unfamiliar email addresses - The email does not appear to be correct.
  • *Generic salutation - The email does not address the specific person it is sent to.
  • *Email signature - Lack of email signature including name, company and contact number.
  • *Spelling & grammatical errors - The email contains errors and the wording does not flow.
  • *Links & attachments - The email contains unfamiliar links and/or attachments.
  • *A supplier claiming their bank account details have changed.

If you have any questions regarding cyber security or would like assistance with implementing security measures, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Veritech.

"Think before you click. Cyber security is everybody's responsibility.''