Virus Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately we have been greeted again with another major Virus outbreak:


• The attack first shut down operations in Russia and Ukraine before going global

• Experts are scrambling to determine the scope and impact of the attacks

• It is believed the latest attack might be a ransomware virus called Petya

• The attack is expected to hit Australia as businesses wake up this morning.



• Do not click on any hyper-link without first verifying where the link points to (within emails or on websites)

• Make sure your server backups are working

• Make sure you have applied all Windows and other operating system updates and security patches

• Ensure that all computer users in your organisation have been trained in "Phishing Awareness"


If you think you have been infected by a virus, then immediately (a) unplug the network cable from your computer and from your servers, (b) call your IT support person immediately.

Please call our office on 02 69645377 if you have any concerns.