Think before you click!

Veritech together with Griffith Business Chamber presented a free training night for Chamber members on Thursday 15th June 2017 about a very hot topic RANSOMWARE & VIRUS PROTECTION. 

In light of recent Cyber attacks, this training course was ideal timing. Since we are globally connected, businesses locally are just as much a target, as is companies elsewhere overseas.

Livio delivered a fantastic presentation after some casual drinks and nibbles, that showed numerous examples of fraudulent emails people come across and receive in their inbox.  It was interesting to see how easy and how clever it is to deceive people.  The audience were gob-smacked at the lengths ‘online scammers’ will go to, with such convincing emails to mirror a real legitimate company.  

Livio pointed out some simple tricks and hints to detect potential viruses before inadvertently clicking away!  A quiz at the end of the presentation was tested on the audience to see if they were able to recognise ‘dodgy’ scams.....everyone scored an A+.  Well done! 

Many of the audience members said "i wish i brought my staff along to learn too". It's so important to educate your staff about virus protection....after all its your business they could be 'clicking away'!