Vernon - 2017 Citrus Sculpture - Team Veritech


 What a Robot!



Behold! The mighty Vernon!


On Sunday 8th October 2017, the Veritech Team were lucky enough to be able to once again create the cheeky citrus robot Vernon at the 2017 Citrus Sculpture display. The team managed to complete Vernon's construction minutes before a downpour of rain. Veritech were exceptionally happy with the end result ant the "fruits of their labour"!  


Why not come down and have a look at the coolest sculpture in Griffith? With light up eyes and sensory sound, Vernon says the coolest phrases in town!


Special thanks to team Veritech and friends for all your help on the day!


Team Veritech and friends.

Left to right back: Michael Robilliard, Tahlia Hall, Chris Depaoli, Anne Celi, Livio Mazzon, Natalie Mazzon, Dennis Bortolin, Andrew McGrath, Robert Carden and Tom Gill.

Left to right front: Coby Carden, Luca Carden and Zach Mazzon